Whether you’re an athlete or a laid back woman, Casio has the perfect watch for you. Their styles range from rubber, steel, metal, or plastic wristwatches that keep you on the go while completing and complementing your outfit of the day. Apparently, wrist watches don’t just tell us the time. They are a fashion statement.

Casio has been providing function and fashion and has been pioneering in tweaking wristwatches for women to match the urban, street, high and delicate fashion. Here are 3 Casio Watches every woman must own that will keep you on the edge of chic, classy and edgy:

1. Something from the G-Shock Series.

The G-Shock series are built to be the perfect picture of toughness and durability. They have been the top choices of athletes, both for men and women. They are also water-resistant, so you can go ahead and plunge your G-Shock in water without the worry during your next day at the beach. Aside from this, they are built to resist any sudden movement or pressure to keep the watch itself intact. This is an everyday, worry-free watch that is a highly recommended must-have for active women.

2. A Dress Watch from the Casio Dress Watch Collection

Dress watches are must-have’s in every woman’s closet. They represent the feminine, delicate side of you with a hint of mischievous glimmer. These Casio watches usually come with a round stainless steel case and band with a push clasp closure. Their blue, pink or white shell dial color is sure to bring out that lady in you. It is 30m water resistant and has approximately 3 years of battery life.

3. The Casio Analog Women’s Black Resin Analog Watch

If you think that the first one is too bulky and the second one is too fancy for just an ordinary day, you might opt to pick up this specific design of an analog watch from Casio. It is sure to match your laid-back, casual look. They come in different colors, but black is the most commonly found in stores and most preferred by customers because it is sure to match the color of any outfit.

Casio is cash-friendly and provides you with accurate timekeeping while staying true to its water-resistance test. Indeed, Casio is your worry-free watch. Whether you’re an athlete, a business woman or a college student, different women have different watch preferences, but these are the best and basic Casio Watches for women of the 21st century.