In choosing the next watch you want to purchase, let your feminine side be your guide. Whether it’s a reward for getting that promotion or for simply surviving the past year, Armani Watches for Women got you covered. Of course, these watches also come in handy for those men who are looking for the perfect anniversary gift.

No matter what your reason is for buying them, watches are fashion accessories with a function. The watch you wear tells part of your story to people. It is a noticeable element in power dressing. Choosing one requires careful consideration and some expert taste

To avoid confusing clients, Armani divided itself into different sectors and each sector has a target customer group. Emporio Armani is the diffusion brand created for the younger generation while Armani Exchange is the brand that showcases all their luxury apparel and accessories.

The women’s collection of Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange has over 20 selections. Do you want to appear classy, elegant and timeless? Here are some of the best watches from both brands which will never go out of style:

1. Emporio Armani Retro Analog Watch AR1960

Versatile and eye-catching, this analog watch brings pride to the Armani’s heritage. It has a round watch face and the perfect accent to a formal night out’s outfit. Although it follows the designs and aesthetics of the previous decades, you can still wear it today for a unique touch to your outfit.

2. Emporio Armani Quartz Watch AR1602

This watch has a very elegant form, with a metal strap and a dial with a simple design. The Armani Quartz AR1602 is perfect when dressing up for casual yet important occasions, subtly completing the outfit while making themselves less noticeable.

3. Armani Exchange Lady Hampton Exclusive watch.

This will make you feel like royalty with the material, quality, and design. This exclusive watch is water resistant to 50m with a genuine leather strap. 

4. Armani Exchange Women’s Street Quartz Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

This is an Armani watch that is water resistant to 50m. It is one of the designs of the Armani line which has a durable mineral crystal and an analog-quartz movement. This is best for an everyday, easy wear.

If you are a person who is fond of going outdoors, Armani watches might not be a very good choice since they bank on fashion sense and the delicateness of wristwatches.

They are fashion watches by nature and are not meant to be as tough as the Casio G-Shock series. Most of their women’s wristwatches are similar, differing only in looks and water resistance. Armani, which is easy on the eyes, is somehow not-so-easy on the pocket. It is a careful investment; it is a watch that parades itself and takes pride on its classy look and head-turning brand.