Worldwide interest in luxury timepieces seems to attract a lot of people, especially those with money to spare. Popular brands and models of watches have been identified as favorites among their class and one of the most preferred brands for wristwatches is Rolex.

Rolex has been making wristwatches since 1905. They produced the first waterproof wristwatch and dubbed it the Oyster, to symbolize waterproofness. Explorers and achievers around the globe have chosen and trusted Rolex to accompany them in their various endeavors, like trekking the highest mountains and diving into the deepest oceans.

Today, the designs, features, and functionality of Rolex watches have evolved. From just being a waterproof watch, they have also created smart watches, fancy dress watches, vintage watches, and many others. Because of this and other factors, Rolex has been identified as the best watch brand this 2016.

Here are some of the reasons that make Rolex the favorite among watch buyers and collectors:

1. They have the finest quality.

The finest raw materials and strict attention to detail made Rolex watches sync in perfection. Every component is designed, developed and crafted in Switzerland by their over 6,000 dedicated employees using cutting edge technology. All essential components of its timepieces, from gold casting, machining, assembly and finishing of the movement, the case, the dial and bracelet are produced in-house, hence, customers can be assured of the highest quality of watches that only Rolex can offer.

2. They ensure a careful and manual formation of gears. 

The components that are responsible for the movements of Rolex watches are very tiny and of complex geometry. Rolex makes sure they manufacture with precision in order to meet the accuracy standard of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Highly skilled operators and watchmakers assemble and regulate movements entirely by hand.

3. Reliability of Clock Movement and Other Features

Rolex watches have been associated with excellence. They have the best performance even in the most extreme circumstances possible, like on the summit of the highest mountain, the depths of the deepest oceans, on the racetrack, or in the air. To ensure that all Rolex watches meet these high expectations, every single watch is tested before it leaves the factory.

This year, Rolex introduced its latest creation, the Oyster and Cellini collections.  They are made with all the traditional qualities that every Rolex watch possesses, but with more technological advancements. They are more durable and high precision than ever before, and also showcase different styles that could attract people of different personalities, lifestyles, and cultures. 

However, the year is still far from ending. Rolex just might surprise us with new designs to prove that no one can take their place as the best watch brand this 2016.